J Ä R N S V E N S K A N 2015

Sveriges första Juggerturnering

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:!: Please register your team at the Tournament Registration System (JTR).

:!: Please send your mail address to Uhu (wiki profile:uhu). E-mail is used for important updates and questions for participants!

:!: Please subscribe to the topic on the org forum for updates and info.


Team Country Players (ca)
Järnboås Järnfalkar Sverige – Järnboås 8
Trollklubben Sverige – Lindesberg (?)
The Wild Geese Éire – Dublin 6
Gallowglass Éire – Dublin 6
DropBears Australia – Canberra 4-6
S.P.A.T. Deutschland – Villingen 6
TackleTiger Deutschland – Karlsruhe 7
Sturmwölfe Deutschland – Bielefeld 4
Flying JUGGmen Deutschland – Bonn 6
(Berlin) Deutschland – Berlin (5)
(Hamburg) Deutschland – Hamburg (5?)


Festival and presentation: Brickebackens IP, Google maps

A shuttle runs from Gustavsvik Camping (see below), Google maps

Tournament: Järnboås Finnsjöstrand Google maps Järnboås Website

Jugger forum thread: http://forum.jugger.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4615&p=64519#p64519

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/603822919739688/

We plan to have a Jugger presentation at the 30th of maj 2015, at the Metallsvenskan festival again!


Easiest way is going by car. A train runs regularly to Stockholm and Mjölby. Booking through Tågkompaniet might save money. We will do a shuttle for those without cars on sunday, to get them from Örebro to Järnboås. From Järnboås there is a bus line two times a day to Nora, from where regular buses depart to Örebro. For renting cars, the Statoil gas stations offer not only very good conditions, but are also open long in the night and on week-ends. The bigger car rentals usually close in the evening and on week-ends, and are expensive.



:!: If you are coming with a team: Please send me a short videoclip of your team doing a team-battlecry, close-up. I would love to include it into a video that I consider to do for Metallsvenskans website. The battlecry itself should be not more than 5-6 seconds, the clip should be a bit longer to have enough room for cutting. The team should fill the whole frame, so a really close up take would be perfect. The video quality is not that important; better to have a pocket camera or smartphone quality clip than no clip at all!


:!: For the design of the t-shirt i would need high-res imagesof your team logos in black&white. If possible not with too fine details because those might not be printable. A moderate level of details is fine of course, see the Wild Geese logo for max detail level – the birds details would probably be missing in the end except the white head part.

Fine for example are:

Filetype: png, tif, svg, eps
Resolution: 300 dpi min., 600 dpi optimum, 1200 dpi max.
Size: around 10×10 cm
Colors: Monochrome / B&W, no shades

Thanks in advance!



Please wait booking festival tickets. We are speaking with the organizer to get a discount. Those only takling part in the presentation will have free entry shortly before it starts. Just for a rough orientation, the discount tickets have been at 495 Kronor (ca. 52 Euro ) this year for the whole week-end. Let's see whether we get a better discount.


Gustavsvik Camping offers a special discount for festival guests fr-so, both nights for 265:- kr alltogether, so say if you are attending the festival when you book. Booking through http://www.gustavsvik.se/?page_id=52 One great thing: Entrance fee to the really stunning tropical pool area is included! It might be possible to get private accomodation through our Örebro juggers. Contact Ein Uhu if you are interested.

:!: Note that you can camp for one night in the same place almost everywhere in the country where there are no houses. I recommend to look out for „Badplats“ for these are usually bathing places with fireplace, simple toilets and table, right at wonderful lakes.


Sunday, 31st may, 12:00, Finnsjöstrand Järnboås


This is a day-without-a-night tournament.

Much more teams have registered than expected. But lucky for us, the daylight lasts for almost the whole night. So even if we start at 12 pm, we can play as long as we wish. Week days are more of a theoretical concept at those times.

Get ready folks.


The tournament is free. Participants in the Jugger presentation will be on the guest list for saturday. A tip would of course be very welcome to support our expenses. We consider putting up a moose skull like in the film (well, that wasn't a moose … anyway.)


Our rules are mainly the same as the German ones taken with a grain of salt, with Irish double.

:!: The rules ⇒ can be downloaded here (PDF, and yes, in Swedish).


Please bring your own gear if possible. But fear not: We do have enough spare Pompfen to lend you, so no problem if it isn't possible!


All spar types that are allowed in Germany are allowed with us as well (the 5 basic types). The spars will be checked by Uhu and some helpers. We will execise a good measured tolerance regarding the build, we will not run around with millimeter measures. Any safety issues will be taken seriously, though. Padding must suffice and the spar has to be overall okay, the Pompfe has not to be excessively heavy and so forth. Bamboo has to be coverd by layers of tape around it or a plastic tube.


The main focus of the referees should be regarding unfelt/misjudged hits, (in-) valid qwik point placement etc. and moderating. Generally, the teams have the first word and if they can't aggree, then the referees will reach a decision. Players are responsible for a good game themselves, not referees.


The tournament is free so please take care of sufficient food&drink for your team. We should knock up some coffee and cake. Both festival and camping is located in Örebro so shopping should not be a problem. There is a small shop in Järnboås, but closed on sundays.


:!: To drink alcohol in public is prohibited in Sweden. There are own pub areas on the festival grounds but it costs, dear, it costs … Furthermore, it has not been and should not be a problem where you stay overnight, not to put too a fine point to it. No alcohol at the tournament of course, we are hitting each other with clubs you know.

Shirts and patches

On a side note, I will do both a shirt and a patch for this year's Metallsvenskan. The shirt will resemble the one of 2014 but with the updated teams. I will see to it that we get reasonable prices again, with a little plus to support Swedish Jugger.


:!: By taking part in the tournament you give your consent that it is fine with you to use, distribute, save and edit photos that are taken of you during the tournament in connection with Jugger (of course no morally offensive pictures). If you disaggree, please note that to the tournament organizers in advance, before the tournament begins. BUT PLEASE PLEASE DON'T DO THAT, because it is hell of a lot of (free, unpaid) work that takes time from the really important stuff!

/Uhu, Svenska Juggerförbundet

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